291 rubber sealing for 292 air chuck

292 Air chuck standard valves Mich 985

294 Air chuck large bore valves EM Mich 984

295 rubber sealing air chuck 294

296 air chuck large bore valves Mich 767

1850 Tool to deflate innertubes Fuipo Mich 634

3020 Tool for filling tyres with water

3300 Tool letting the water completely flow out

Kit Alligator to fill tyres with water

Kit Alligator to empty tyres with water

Rubber sealing for clip-on Air Chuck 1120 All142211

Pin for Clip-on air chuck 1255 All033030

Cap for clip-on air chuck EM 1085-1 All142710

Pin for clip-on Air chuck 1085 All146020

Rubber sealing for clip-on Air chuck 1086 All030723

CH-360 Clip-on air chuck Haltec

Haltec lock-on air chuck large bore

Haltec lock-on air chuck standard valves