Our warehouse is close from 19/07/2021 until 30/07/2021.
We remain available by phone.

IR 324-1 Pinstripe remover tool for stripremover 3700Nm

IR 7802A air drill 3/8" with standard head 10mm

IR 7802AKC air drill 3/8" with keyless head 10mm

IR 345 Max Angle grinder 12000T/min diam 125mm

IR W5153-K22 750Nm 2,4Kg 5Amp 20V electric Impact Tool

IR 7152-K22 2040Nm 3,1Kg 5Amp 20V electric Impact Tool

IR 2235Qxpa 1490Nm 1/2" 1,8Kg Impact Tool

IR 2235Qxpa 1760Nm 1/2" 2,1Kg Impact Tool

IR 36 Max 1/2" 1,09 kg 610Nm

IR 2235QTi Max 1/2" 1760Nm 2,1kg

IR 2145Qimax 1830Nm 3/4" 3,35Kg Impact Tool

IR 285 B-6 IMPACTOOL 1" 2400Nm

IR 2850Max-6 1" 2850Nm 9,8 kg

IR 327 LS Tyre buffer 3000T/min

IR 5108Max 20000T/Min Stift driller